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So I've finally taken some steps to actually enter the new century and given up some of my frugal ways. For years, I've been using a dial-up connection and dealing with long download times (I believe the longest was 16 hours once but I had to have Michael Jackson's Thriller video). Finally, last week I signed up for Juno DSL. I'm still waiting for the ok before I install it but I'm already fantasizing about a world where it doesn't take five minutes to upload a web page or half a day to download a much needed program.

I also finally had to bite the bullet as well and purchase CS3. I've been working on two computers for over a year and though it was a hassle, I didn't mind too much. However, in the summer months, old Rubber Soul 3 has overheating issues and dies on me within the half hour. It's a pain when I'm working on earring or card designs so I finally decided that even though I couldn't afford it, I was getting CS3 and though it's only been a few hours, I'm loving it already. I've got the new Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Flash and Dreamweaver. I've been wanting to learn the last two programs for years anyway so now I just have to get some books. I know what I'll be doing with most of my free time this summer.

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